Five: The smartphone crisis

The unspeakable has happened. After two years of faithful service and one year of glitches, my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime aka iPhone for the middle class has crashed. And it turned my world upside down. My connections to the civilization had been severed for 48 hours while my phone was locked away in a local... Continue Reading →


Four: Pinocchio’s nose

Today, I attended an interview for the position of Customer Service Representative. Boy, I lied so much that my nose would have grown as long as Jack's beanstalk. Hardworking, dedicated, bla bla. I spun a web of lies. I was ashamed, but that feeling lasted two seconds. While waiting for my government posting, I decided... Continue Reading →

Three: Gym woes

I've been almost sedentary for nearly 10 years. Note that I said almost. I work out, once in every blue moon. So, lately I've been hitting the gym at my condo which has a gender based schedule. Women get Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. As I sit here puffing and panting after 30 minutes on... Continue Reading →

Two: Kiss the ceiling

As I scroll through my recent pictures, I find that I had sprouted a double chin. There it was. That little pad of fat beneath my chin, just hanging there as useless as me. My double chin and I have this in common. Both of us are a waste of space. I looked away from... Continue Reading →

One: Fingers crossed

*yawns* It took me an hour to come up with a blog name good enough to satisfy my OCD levels. Lying in bed wide awake at 1.37 am was alright, because unemployed undergraduates like me have the sweet privilege of wasting time. Have you ever watched the movie Julie and Julia? I just did, for... Continue Reading →

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