Four: Pinocchio’s nose

Today, I attended an interview for the position of Customer Service Representative. Boy, I lied so much that my nose would have grown as long as Jack’s beanstalk. Hardworking, dedicated, bla bla. I spun a web of lies. I was ashamed, but that feeling lasted two seconds. While waiting for my government posting, I decided to stop asking my parents for pocket money in the meantime. I took matters into my own hands, and fired up my ten year old PC at home, waited for the internet to work it’s magic and found myself on Jobstreet. I’ve attended two interviews so far.

Peculiarly, I was asked the same question in both places. Why do you think you would be useful in Customer Services? *cue Pinochio’s nose*

“I believe as doctors, we need to work on our patience and listening skills. And this job entails lots of those characteristics. I also work well under pressure, thanks to my training in medical school,” was one of my answers. The interviewer nodded, probably thinking, “You pathetic and desperate liar.”

For now, I am hoping that they see past those lies and give me the job as I have materialistic goals to chase after. Fingers crossed. At this point, even my toes are crossed.


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